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There is a large variance in the amount of hair loss that sufferers experience

It's a benign condition - individuals do not typically have any other symptoms other than hair loss. Nonetheless, it can be very traumatic and psychologically distressing to someone suffering from this condition.
It's actually more common than most people realize. According to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, over 5 million people in the United States alone are affected by this condition. Both men and women are affected by this condition and it tends to strike individuals in their youth.
While the underlying cause of AA is still little understood - current research suggests that the something triggers the bodies immune system to attach the hair follicles. Like most other immune system dysfunctions, it's not well understood why it occurs.
There is a large variance in the amount of hair loss that sufferers experience. Some individuals lose a small patch of hair while others lose all of their hair. Even for these individuals, the hair can grow back. Even after many years.
There currently is no cure for Alopecia Areata. However there are several treatment options. Some of the current treatment options are are cortisone injections, topical Minoxidil, topical Anthralin, Cortisone pills, topical immunotherapy and wigs sale.
A natural looking wig can be an important option for the person that suffers from AA. With the current advancements in synthetic wig fiber and construction - it's easier and more affordable then ever before to find a great, natural looking wig.
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whether weaing a lace wigs sale will hurt your hair?

1.whether weaing a lace wigs sale will hurt your hair It cannot hurt your hair,only if you wear it the wrong way ,wear it for too long or your adhesives is wrong.
2. the differece between indian remy and chinese remy If you want a very straight wig,i suggest you choose chinese remy ,it is natural. If you want to dye the color of yourself ,i suggest you choose chinese virgin hair ,because for the indian remy hair ,youcan only dye it form light color to darker color. If you want a little curl,you may choose indian remy,it is easy to be curled ,in addation indian remy hair is the most versatile hair.
3.explain remy hair Remy hair is collected from a few hair donor ,it is superior .it looks very natural ,easy to manage and does not tangle. often should a wig be washed It should be washed every 10 12 wearings or every 4_6 weeks.and it is depend on many factors such as: taste ,hair spray,wearing frequency and things you do with you wig.
5.what is the length of the wigs The hair length is meansured from the head top to the hair bottom as the hair is straight.and the curl and wavy wig is process from straight wig, so in the same length ,curl and wavy wig will be shorter by 1?±-2?±(it depends on how deep the curl is) than straight wig.
6. will the glues and tapes cause damage to skin Most people are all right with the glues and tapes,but if you are with sensitive skin.i suggest you use medical adhesive.
7.What is alopecia ArticleAlopecia Areata (AA) is a chronic condition that can cause hair loss anywhere on the body, most often associated and noticed on the scalp.
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These wigs have been out for a while, but are now just catching on to consumers

When buying a new African American wigs sale you should be well informed of the proper maintenance steps you’ll need to take regularly. First of all, cleaning your wig correctly is very important if you don’t want it to become deteriorated very fast. African American wigs should be washed after you’ve worn them 8 to 12 times. However, if you live somewhere with high humidity or have been to a place with a lot of smoke you’ll probably need to wash your wig more often. Also, be careful when drying your wig – only allow your wig to drip and air dry. Conditioning spray can be used regularly to add softness to your wig. All in all, wig maintenance greatly depends on the type of hair it is made of, as some techniques can only be applied to a certain type of wig .
Modern wigs are nothing short of daring fashion statements. Regardless of the reason why you need to wear a wig, once you’ve chosen the most appropriate one you will fall in love with your new look. Wigs can turn you from a blond into a brunette in a matter of moments and make you shine at any social event. Ebony wigs are a wonderful choice if you want to obtain a natural dark look. is where you can shop for high quality African American wigs discreetly.
another secret out of the bag. Have you ever seen Rupaul, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Brandy, Patti Labelle, Trina & Lil Kim? YES, those are invisible hairline lace front wigs/units. These wigs have been out for a while, but are now just catching on to consumers. Lace Front Wigs are the hottest and latest trends hitting the Beauty Scene. These lace front wigs are 100% INDIAN Remy Hair (cuticle hair) hand-tied to a lace base so that it looks as if hair is actually growing out of the persons head. No one would ever know if you are wearing a wig. The wig is more comfortable and more natural than a hard front wig. Basically, a number of celebrities are wearing the lace front wig, to give them the most natural appearance and latest style . These wigs are versatile and can be cut to suite your style. The Full Lace wig can be worn in high ponytails, flowing, parted in any direction you wish. If you have thinning hair, alopecia/balding, chemotherapy patient or just want a more natural look, the front lace units are for you. This wig will last for about 8 month to a year, with minor repairs if cared for properly. You can wear them for 1 day or up to 3 weeks before removing, shampooing and reinstalling. NOTE: Before purchasing a front lace unit, make sure to have your head measured to make sure the unit is the appropriate fit for your head!!
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Wigs come in a wide price range and many fashionable styles

These days, buying a wig can be the perfect answer to a number of situations. Whether you’re experiencing hair loss problems or plan on going to a Costume Party, wigs offer a quick and easy makeover. Wigs come in a wide price range and many fashionable styles. From synthetic to natural hair and from blonde locks to ebony wigs, everything’s available these days. If you’re planning on making a real fashion statement you should visit and take a look at our fabulous African American wigs sale.
Wigs of all kinds have been around for thousands of years and still manage to remain extremely fashionable accessories. Over the centuries, wigs have been worn to establish nobility, hide baldness or make bold fashion statements. Today’s wigs can be made from different types of hair, including human hair and even from synthetic material, depending on the customer’s needs and budget. While synthetic hair wigs are very reasonably priced and accessible to anyone, human hair wigs are pretty expensive because of their very realistic look. Human hair wigs are also easy to maintain and manufacturers make sure to select only the strongest hair. At you will find stylish and affordable ebony wigs.
African American wigs are all about accentuating the beauty of the modern black woman. These unique and stylish wigs come in gorgeous dark shades and even in fun light colors. Ebony wigs are extremely popular as they bring out the features of African American women. The wigs come in a wide array of styles, from long and wavy to short and straight. The Beverly Johnson line has some of the most beautiful wig styles, especially designed for today’s modern and independent woman. African American wigs are a great idea if you’re planning to change your look, go to a costume party or want to cover up a hair loss problem. At we offer a wide array of synthetic and human hair ebony wigs at very convenient prices.
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These pieces look kind of like hairnets with hair attached

Hair Integration Systems: These pieces look kind of like hairnets with hair attached. You pull your remaining natural hair through the holes.Cost: Varies as much as wigs sale and toppers depending on the product and the company.Pro's: You have your own hair pulled through to better match color and texture.
Con's: It is hard to get an integration piece to look natural. Mine looked like I had stiches in my head because the holes were too big. You have to spend quite a bit of time daily pulling your hair through the holes with what looks like a giant crochet hook. I think that integration pieces sound great because it integrates your natural hair but in reality are hard to pull off for someone who is thinning (especially on top). That being said, I have seen some topper/integration combo pieces that are mesh on top with integration 'netting' along the sides and back so that you have the best of both worlds in a sense.
Comfort: Mine was terribly uncomfortable, but I can't do clips so that was the biggie for me. It was also very heavy and pulled. However, my entire Sequence experience sucked from beginning to end, so there ya have it. Anyone with positive integration experience please let me know how comfortable it is so I can add that here.
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Usually once a month you go in for reattachment and cost varies per salon

Comfort: I have a bonded piece on my head from HRS (same as Apollo) and I love it. I don't even notice it is on my head except for the day after I get back from maintainance when it is a bit itchy from the hair starting to grow out underneath. Most of these bonded pieces require you to shave some of your natural hair.
Attachment: The stylist shaves a track or a circle where the piece is to be attached and bonds it with surgical adhesive. It won't come off for anything, in fact they have to 'shave' it off during maintainance. The piece will start to 'wiggle' a bit (not noticable to anyone but you) as your hair grows out underneath the piece and that's when it is time to go in for reattachment.
Look: For the amount of money that you pay for these things they damn well better look good. However, it is money well spent from a natural look that you don't have to remove more than once a month. If you have a weak natural hairline bangs will cover the front edge. I have long sweeping bangs that I clip to the sides and they look great.
Maintainance: Usually once a month you go in for reattachment and cost varies per salon. I pay $84 which includes cut, blending, color, conditioning of the piece, etc. There are certain brands that they recommend...I use Redkin, which is available at Fred Meyer's so it's readily available. Spray-in condition is a must to keep the piece from drying out (same for any human hair wigs sale, topper, etc.). You can get a lace front on these as well as long as you are willing to glue or tape it down daily for a natural look.
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